Hello folks

Some of you might have seen a new wave of text ads on Geekzone, with a tag "Powered by Yahoo!".

I have joined their beta Yahoo! Bing contextual ads programme to see if it can be of any use for us. I have been looking through those ads and noticed a few "work from home" and "diet" ads.

Those are obviously not the ads you're looking for!

The programme is still in beta and I have reported these "quality" ads to the appropriate folks. I am actually going pretty soon into a conference call with some people from their team (later tonight due to US - NZ timezone differences) to work through the criteria we follow when selecting an ad network.

We currently work with Google AdSense, TribalFusion, AOL Advertising (US only) for our "default ads". In all those networks we are pretty proactive blocking low quality ads, by either blocking entire segments or URLs when they go through the filter.

I will keep the Yahoo! Bing ads running for a few more days so that we can work through the configuration settings with their team during this trial.

The Yahoo! Bing ads service is actually in a closed beta and won't open to the public until early 2013. So I decided to give it a few more days so we can work together on this.

Until we have these tests done, please be sure we are monitoring those ads and they are only being used in some spare space for testing.