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Topic # 8726 25-Jul-2006 18:46
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Come and join us for the Geekzone Weekly Chat. The chat starts at 8pm sharp (NZ time), as usual on IRC channel #geekzone on, or through the Java IRC client in our Geekzone Chat page.

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  Reply # 42459 25-Jul-2006 23:15
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Hopefully this time:

[19:59] [freitasm] !massdevoice
[19:59] [geekbot] Mass Devoicing operation in progress... Sit tight everyone - this could be rough!
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v bradstewart
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v Chiefie
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v Cokemaster
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v freitasm
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v theGeekzoner
[19:59] [bradstewart] evening
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v barf
[19:59] * Cokemaster changes topic to ' | Weekly chat is on '
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v NokiaRocks
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v retardinator
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v alasta
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v Chirs
[19:59] * bradstewart changes topic to ' | Weekly chat is in progress'
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v coke-mobile
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v GZNeoTech
[19:59] * Cokemaster sets mode: +m
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v korora
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v muppet
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v poptart
[19:59] * geekbot sets mode: -v TeKaha
[19:59] [freitasm] Hello and welcome to the weekly Geekzone chat.
[19:59] [freitasm] .
[20:00] [freitasm] We have another update on the Geekzone 2006. Do pay attention 007, the date and times are confirmed: 16th September 2006, Paramount Cinema ( and
[20:00] [freitasm] .
[20:00] [freitasm] The date is different from the original plan!
[20:00] [freitasm] So far We have confirmed sponsorship from Symantec, and more will be confirmed later. You can get all the updates from this blog:
[20:00] [freitasm] We can guarantee we will have the very sought after Geekzone pen and this t-shirts as well ;-)
[20:00] [freitasm] Another interesting story is today's Geekzoners prank. Not that I am proud of it, but they did pull something interesting. Apparently Econet was sold, but then cancelled. Everything was a hoax started on Tony's blog. That post made Econet run after Tony, until they found him in Hastings, where they sent "Vito" to talk to him.
[20:01] [freitasm] Actually, my take of this: bloggers are still an interesting group. People don't give much credit to them, but they read them. So, please, keep it clean and nice, post interesting things and make sure you have the correct scoop - when it happens. Here's my view on this: please read it and understand/comment.
[20:01] [freitasm] .
[20:01] [freitasm] Last week's prize was not claimed, so it will be up again for grabs. I am talking about a Boxwave VersaCharger Pro. The draw will be at 19:30 sharp. If you don't claim the prize in two days, it will be gone next week.
[20:01] [freitasm] .
[20:01] [freitasm] By the way, I have not conceded, but I now have a Linux device here at Geekzone. I am playing with a Nokia 770 tablet ( and will probably post a comparison with the Sony UX instead of separate reviews.
[20:01] [freitasm] .
[20:01] [freitasm] I think that's all for this week, and let's the chat begin!
[20:01] * Cokemaster sets mode: -m
[20:01] [freitasm] !massvoice
[20:01] [geekbot] Voicing all users...
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v bradstewart
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v Chiefie
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v Cokemaster
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v freitasm
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v theGeekzoner
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v alasta
[20:01] [Chiefie] hello everyone :D
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v barf
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v Chirs
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v coke-mobile
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v GZNeoTech
[20:02] [GZNeoTech] Good evening all..
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v korora
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v muppet
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v NokiaRocks
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v poptart
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v retardinator
[20:02] [alasta] Hey Chiefie and NeoTech.
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v TeKaha
[20:02] [bradstewart] hmm
[20:02] [muppet] @cokemaster: I don't think they were going ot track down the thousands of users though, but it was quite smart on SE's part
[20:02] [bradstewart] so MF has a linux device?
[20:02] [freitasm] Yep...
[20:03] [GZNeoTech] chili box?
[20:03] [Cokemaster] The end is near...
[20:03] [freitasm] No, the chilibox runs a type of Unix, and it's with Brad.
[20:03] [freitasm] I have the Nokia 770, an "Internet tablet".
[20:03] [Chiefie] did sony let you review UX17? or you got it for yourself? :D
[20:03] [freitasm] It's a Nokia device, but not a phone...
[20:03] [freitasm] I got the UX17 from Sony.
[20:03] [freitasm] Ask and you shall receive
[20:03] [Chiefie] woot! cool :D
[20:04] [muppet] What are people's thoughts on Woosh's purchase of QuickSilver?
[20:04] [freitasm] And I got the only "official" Nokia 770 in the country.
[20:04] [Chiefie] when is it up for prize? LOL
[20:04] [barf] please let me win!
[20:04] [muppet] I know I signed up with Xnet and as soon as the service is confirmed, I am cancelling my QS account
[20:04] [alasta] It's a very interesting change of direction, Muppet.
[20:04] [bradstewart] @muppet. it makes sense for woosh
[20:04] [freitasm] Why is that ?
[20:04] [Chiefie] who's Xnet?
[20:04] [Cokemaster] World Exchange
[20:04] [muppet] Sorry, WorldXChange
[20:04] [alasta] Woosh's biggest point of difference was their exclusive focus on wireless, but I guess it makes sense for them to leverage off that point of difference.
[20:05] * big_t has joined #geekzone
[20:05] * ChanServ sets mode: +o big_t
[20:05] [freitasm] So, will they offer both as options and you can move from one to another depending where you are?
[20:05] [muppet] Yea, but how does owning a small ISP help them, that's the bit I don't get?
[20:05] [GZNeoTech] Tony.. tsk tsk.. late again
[20:05] [muppet] Maybe just the technical staff?
[20:05] * Chiefie slaps big_t around a bit with a large trout
[20:05] [GZNeoTech] They couldn't afford to buy iHug?
[20:05] [alasta] freitasm: That doesn't really make sense because you'd only have access where there happens to be a Woosh signal or a building with ADSL enabled lines.
[20:05] [alasta] Still not very flexible.
[20:06] [freitasm] I thought they also had dialup?
[20:06] [alasta] For those who are interested in this topic, Chris Keall has a very interesting blog on
[20:06] [freitasm]
[20:06] [alasta] They do, freitasm, but it's really only a convenience for travelling wireless users when they can't get a signal.
[20:06] [Cokemaster] Dialup is an interesting line to take after they labelled dialup 'hell'
[20:07] [muppet] Yea, I can't imagine there is a viable/profitable market in dialup anymore.
[20:07] [freitasm] Oh, yes... He points Woosh's loss of WiMax spectrum, while the NZ Herald said "Woosh is a WiMax company" :-P
[20:07] [muppet] Woosh just got their spectrum taken off them though, didn't they?
[20:08] [Cokemaster] The herald once again shows excellent reporting and fact checking.....
[20:08] [alasta] So if Woosh can't get spectrum on which to offer WiMax services, can anyone?
[20:08] [alasta] Is the rollout of WiMax really hamstrung in New Zealand because of political stupidity?
[20:08] [muppet] alasta: I'd say that fairly much sums it up
[20:09] [muppet] Still, there is innovation happening in some areas of the market
[20:09] [alasta] It's a pity Woosh couldn't migrate to HSDPA, but I guess they'd never be able to get the spectrum to do that either.
[20:09] [muppet] For the customers they have, it wouldn't be worth the investment, would it?
[20:10] [muppet] They've already burned a *lot* of cash for how many customers? Only 20k?
[20:10] [alasta] If they think that their business has a future, then they must be expecting to dramatically increase their customer base.
[20:11] [Cokemaster] Hmm
[20:11] [muppet] True :)
[20:11] [alasta] Problem is that they can't do that without more coverage and that means sinking in more cash.
[20:11] * geekbot has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out)
[20:11] * theGeekzoner has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out)
[20:11] * geekbot has joined #geekzone
[20:11] * ChanServ sets mode: +o geekbot
[20:11] [alasta] It's interesting that they thought that their cash would be better spent on buying Quicksilver than rolling out more coverage.
[20:11] [muppet] I only know stuff from talking to an ex staff member, so it's all old news I guess.
[20:12] [muppet] Yea, that's my take on it too
[20:12] [alasta] If I were a Woosh staff member then I would be s***ing myself. The job security would be pretty uncertain.
[20:12] [muppet] I wouldn't have thought QSI was really a huge money maker either, but you don't know.
[20:12] [muppet] alasta: I think that's why a lot of staff did leave. That and they were just disillusioned with the company.
[20:12] [freitasm] Ok, so I visited PCWORLD just to get the link to the Woosh story, and saw Geoff's blog...Geoff Palmer is a case... He writes this which is obviously a take of this but he "fails" to mention that the software was used by a contract company, not by Microsoft. Very convenient to "forget" something important, uh?
[20:13] [alasta] It's a pity they can't hold on to staff, because good staff is what makes a good customer experience.
[20:13] [alasta] A high staff turnover is a recipe for disaster for any business in my opinion.
[20:14] [Cokemaster] Indeed
[20:15] [muppet] It is, yea.
[20:15] [muppet] The propblem with the market at the moment is there's not a lot of investment going on
[20:15] [GZNeoTech] looks like more of 'Geoff's Fact Filtering' MF
[20:15] [Cokemaster] Yep
[20:15] [Cokemaster] Comments get filtered out too
[20:15] [muppet] So a lot of the techies are bored because there's nothing "new" to work on, it's all just BAU which is boring
[20:15] [freitasm] (4th story, about staff turnover)
[20:16] [GZNeoTech] Sounds like the SE 990i might finally arrive.. hopefully Oct-Nov.. only a year late
[20:17] [alasta] Does anyone know if the Nokia N73 is shipping yet? I'm assuming that it goes hand in hand with the N93.
[20:17] [Chiefie] GZNeoTech, you got the news on that? :o
[20:17] [freitasm] Shipping was announced today, but nothing for NZ yet.
[20:17] * bradstewart has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:17] [Chiefie] alasta it's on GZ:
[20:18] [GZNeoTech] Spoke to a VF techie type at the ingrammicro road show today
[20:18] [Chiefie] oh! cool.
[20:18] [alasta] I'm assuming that the N73 will be the new N70.
[20:18] [Chiefie] umm nope
[20:18] * bradstewart has joined #geekzone
[20:19] * ChanServ sets mode: +o bradstewart
[20:19] [geekbot] [bradstewart]: [Cokemaster] IE4-6 was like having sex with no protection... meet the wrong person and you got infected.
[20:19] [Chiefie] there are a few n70 series, and n70 being the first of the n7x. then there's n71 n72 n73 for each have slight difference.
[20:19] [Chiefie] n71 being flip. n72 and n73 are similar
[20:19] [GZNeoTech] been looking at the N70.. but might hold out for the P990i.. not had a good look at the N73
[20:19] [bradstewart] n93 is the way to go
[20:19] [alasta] Yes, but realistically, I doubt that Vodafone New Zealand will release all of them. They will bet on what they think will be most popular.
[20:19] * NigelH has joined #geekzone
[20:19] [alasta] And I expect that to be the N73.
[20:20] [alasta] Is the P990 Symbian based?
[20:20] [Cokemaster] Yes
[20:20] [Cokemaster] UIQ 3
[20:20] [Chiefie] i'm eyeing on N80 or N93
[20:20] [big_t] oops lol sorry, was eating indian curry, yesterday was my "Sunday" day off and I forgot that chat was tonight!!!!
[20:20] [bradstewart] geez tony
[20:20] [GZNeoTech] slacker Tony.. lol
[20:20] [big_t] bad baby
[20:20] [big_t] bad baby
[20:20] [Chiefie] or Hermes or P990i or Nokia 9300i :D
[20:20] [Cokemaster] Heh
[20:21] [freitasm] Hmmm. curry!
[20:21] [freitasm] Welcome Nigel. Is this the Nigel H from Netguide?
[20:21] [big_t] Butter Chicken, Chicken Pakoras, and Garlic Naan
[20:21] [NigelH] Heheh - unfortunately not
[20:21] [big_t] yum
[20:21] [GZNeoTech] had a look at the smartflip today.. very light
[20:21] [big_t] hi Migel
[20:21] [big_t] Nigel
[20:21] [NigelH] I'm just a lowly software engineer
[20:21] [big_t] htc?
[20:21] [big_t] gznt
[20:21] [NigelH] Hi all
[20:21] [GZNeoTech] yeah
[20:21] [Chiefie] smartflip? imate's?
[20:21] [freitasm] i-mate Smartflip
[20:22] [GZNeoTech] tight little package..
[20:22] [big_t] the geek shall inherit the earth NigelH
[20:22] [freitasm]
[20:22] [freitasm] Nice little thing.
[20:22] [Chiefie] i like it, shame not UMTS. as i would rather have UMTS speed then i can path my way to get UX17 :D
[20:22] [freitasm] Wait for the SP6... But then no wi-fi, UMTS only.
[20:22] [alasta] It's a pity about i-Mate's lack of UMTS devices.
[20:22] [Chiefie] bugger! why are they making it so hard?
[20:22] [Chiefie] is hermes SP6?
[20:23] [GZNeoTech] the smart flip seemed a little delicate.. like it'll fall out of your pocket and you wouldn't notice
[20:23] [big_t] thsi smartflip thing has wifi???
[20:23] [freitasm] The next i-mate (HTC Hermes) Nope, HTC Breeze
[20:23] [freitasm] HTC Hermes is a Pocket PC - HSDPA!
[20:24] [Chiefie] oh breeze it is. but it doesnt have wifi?
[20:24] [Chiefie] kinda "backward" isn't it?
[20:24] [big_t] freitasm you still carrying that mpx around?
[20:24] [freitasm]
[20:24] [freitasm] The mpx220? Nope, it's with Hadley.
[20:24] [GZNeoTech] there's a consumer version of the blackberry due later in the year also.. with a camera
[20:24] [freitasm] i-mate Jasjam is the HTC Hermes.
[20:24] [big_t] PPC cpu speed seems to have hit a wall vs. battery life?
[20:25] [GZNeoTech] no problem.. overcock and carry a fridge around on yer hip to keep it running
[20:25] [GZNeoTech] and a car battery in your pocket
[20:25] [big_t] new devices are sporting 300mhz vs. ipaqs and dells about 18 months ago hitting the 667mhz or so mark
[20:26] [GZNeoTech] over um.. clock
[20:26] [Chiefie] i saw new Blackberry i think is 8708
[20:26] [big_t] LOLOL
[20:26] [Chiefie] it is 3G
[20:26] [GZNeoTech] didi see a new model today..
[20:26] [GZNeoTech] can't remember the model
[20:27] [Chiefie] yeah for some reason i can't remember the model now. but it is 3G blackberry
[20:27] [alasta] So, what's all this talk about Vodafone phasing out the Get plans?
[20:27] [GZNeoTech] they're hoping the consumer model will be out before xmas.. but no holding of breath
[20:28] [alasta] I know that they're trying to push people onto You Choose, but the Get plans appeal to a slightly different market.
[20:28] [Chiefie] BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
[20:28] [big_t] the voda stuff goes over my head, its been so long since i used a VF full time
[20:28] [Chiefie] it's free to install for 15 users
[20:28] [big_t] You choose doesnt seem like such a hugely wonderful thing....
[20:28] [big_t] a small step forward
[20:28] [big_t] but not a giant leap
[20:28] [big_t] based on forum opinions
[20:29] [alasta] I think the concept of You Choose is really good, but it's just badly implemented.
[20:29] [GZNeoTech] BES license is free for a one user setup I think
[20:29] [big_t] yes
[20:29] [Chiefie] i think You Choose can benefit prosumers and SOHO users
[20:29] [Cokemaster] Hmm
[20:29] [alasta] I don't want to be tied into a term contract and have to pay a base fee for airtime that I might not necessarily use.
[20:29] [Chiefie] as it fits their sup-casual usage better.
[20:29] [big_t] if telecom were smart, they would fix all you choose's probs, then release as "Your Choice"
[20:29] [GZNeoTech] I recon I can get more bang for buck on a You Choose than TNZ can offer
[20:30] [Chiefie] well i use more than the base airtime.
[20:30] [freitasm] Ok, time for the draw.
[20:30] [Chiefie] and i have no problem with term contract as i am gonna use it for that length of time.
[20:30] [big_t] gznt there will always be some people getting better value somewhere for their usage
[20:30] [freitasm] A bit of quiet time please...
[20:30] [freitasm] It's a Boxwave VersaCharger Pro with retractable miniUSB charge cable. Great for Pocket PC, Smartphones and other thingts that can charge from a USB port.
[20:30] [freitasm]
[20:30] [freitasm] And if you don't claim in two days, it's not yours!
[20:30] [big_t] i make about 300 - 800 texts a month, all but about 4 to Telecom mobiles, and I spend about $5 a month on 027 to 027/landline calling
[20:31] [freitasm] !spin boxwave versacharger pro
[20:31] [geekbot] Prizetime in #geekzone (boxwave versacharger pro)
[20:31] * geekbot sets mode: +m
[20:31] [geekbot] .
[20:31] [geekbot] ..
[20:31] [geekbot] ...
[20:31] [geekbot] This room is moderated while we run a prize draw.
[20:31] [geekbot] Performing random selection ... Good luck everyone!
[20:31] [geekbot] The winner of this draw will recieve a boxwave versacharger pro 
[20:31] [geekbot] The winner of a  boxwave versacharger pro  is korora , Well Done korora!!
[20:31] [geekbot] Please private message freitasm with your name and address details, korora
[20:31] [geekbot] ....
[20:31] [geekbot] ...
[20:31] [geekbot] ..
[20:31] [geekbot] .
[20:31] * geekbot sets mode: -m
[20:31] [TeKaha] korora is a bot
[20:31] [big_t] korora is a bot as far as i am aware
[20:31] [TeKaha] hehe
[20:31] [Cokemaster] lol
[20:31] [Cokemaster] Redraw it?
[20:31] [TeKaha] spin again
[20:31] [GZNeoTech] hmm
[20:31] [freitasm] Ok, will do it again... Whose bot is this?
[20:31] [TeKaha] mine
[20:31] [alasta] What happens when the bot needs recharging?
[20:31] [alasta] Lol.
[20:31] [TeKaha] it is just logging
[20:32] [freitasm] !spin boxwave versacharger pro
[20:32] [Cokemaster] It just records what happens in here
[20:32] [geekbot] Prizetime in #geekzone (boxwave versacharger pro)
[20:32] * geekbot sets mode: +m
[20:32] [geekbot] .
[20:32] [geekbot] ..
[20:32] [geekbot] ...
[20:32] [geekbot] This room is moderated while we run a prize draw.
[20:32] [geekbot] Performing random selection ... Good luck everyone!
[20:32] [geekbot] The winner of this draw will recieve a boxwave versacharger pro 
[20:32] [geekbot] The winner of a  boxwave versacharger pro  is poptart , Well Done poptart!!
[20:32] [geekbot] Please private message freitasm with your name and address details, poptart
[20:32] [geekbot] ....
[20:32] [geekbot] ...
[20:32] [geekbot] ..
[20:32] [geekbot] .
[20:32] * geekbot sets mode: -m
[20:32] [bradstewart] who is poptart?
[20:32] [Chiefie] nokia's port connector
[20:32] [freitasm] Ok, there you go... Two days to claim it :)
[20:32] [Chiefie] pop port
[20:33] [GZNeoTech] a pop port connector in high heels
[20:33] * Arfie has joined #GeekZone
[20:33] [Cokemaster] Hmm
[20:33] [freitasm] Oh... I asked for TG to be the keynote, but TNZ said she isn't available...
[20:33] [Cokemaster] Hello Arfie
[20:34] [Arfie] Evening :)
[20:34] [big_t] oh
[20:34] [big_t] bugger
[20:34] [freitasm] So, we accept suggestions for keynote speakers.
[20:34] [GZNeoTech] hi Arfie
[20:34] [alasta] Could we have Bill Gates?
[20:34] [alasta] Or even better, Steve Jobs.
[20:34] [freitasm] NZ only, please.
[20:34] [big_t] MF... suggestion......
[20:34] [big_t] Chris Quin
[20:34] [big_t] head of gen-i
[20:34] [Chiefie] on what topic?
[20:34] [freitasm] Chris who?
[20:34] [Chiefie] maybe Tex Edwards :D
[20:34] [freitasm] Seriously... Ok, it's one.
[20:34] [alasta] Lol, Chiefie.
[20:34] [big_t] very relevant to geeky
[20:35] [alasta] Bring on the rotten tomatoes and swear words!
[20:35] [big_t] great speaker apparently too
[20:35] [freitasm] Text would be great - about company relationship with bloggers!
[20:35] [big_t] lol
[20:35] [Cokemaster] lol
[20:35] [Cokemaster] #geekzones latest saga
[20:35] * big_t is now known as EcoPWNed
[20:35] [alasta] Maybe you could try David Cunliffe.
[20:35] [freitasm] Good one too.
[20:35] * EcoPWNed is now known as tonyhughes
[20:36] [Chiefie] TelstraClear head?
[20:36] [Chiefie] on their unplugged strategy
[20:36] [freitasm] Good one. I can ask this.
[20:36] [alasta] If I could nominate someone not to invite, it would be Annette Presley. She annoys me so much...
[20:36] [Chiefie] and their future involvement with cellular network (in another word, will they continue working with vodafone?)
[20:36] [tonyhughes] I have another suggestion....
[20:37] [tonyhughes] Seeby Woodhouse
[20:37] [alasta] Yes, Seeby sounds like a really interesting guy.
[20:37] [tonyhughes] lol @ alasta
[20:37] [Chiefie] and even Vodafone on their future's direction for wireless network strategy.
[20:37] [tonyhughes] Yes, I'd love to hear there story straight from him
[20:37] [alasta] Or Sam Morgan.
[20:37] [freitasm]
[20:38] [freitasm] Vodafone would be great, but so far no luck there.
[20:38] [Chiefie] maybe johnr can be it :D
[20:38] [tonyhughes] cage fight with johnr vs. jama
[20:38] [Cokemaster] Hmm
[20:38] [Chiefie] and maybe live on-stage debate between johnr and jama
[20:38] [freitasm] REally serious about Seeby?
[20:38] [Chiefie] yeah same thought Tony
[20:38] [tonyhughes] "Telco Deathmatch"
[20:38] [Cokemaster] Hmm
[20:38] [tonyhughes] yes MF
[20:38] [Cokemaster] Excellent
[20:38] [tonyhughes] serious about Seeby
[20:39] [barf] hmm
[20:39] [tonyhughes] would prefer to listen to him than TG actually
[20:39] [GZNeoTech] second that Tony
[20:39] [alasta] He is a true New Zealand success story.
[20:39] [tonyhughes] Orcon is probably a story I can relate to more
[20:39] [freitasm] Ok, I will contact someone then. Can't guarantee anything, as usual...
[20:39] [tonyhughes] and he has done the hard yards
[20:40] [tonyhughes] harder than Sam Morgan did i bet (not belittling Sams great achievements though)
[20:41] * NigelH has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:41] [GZNeoTech] so everyone is watching NCIS huh?
[20:41] [bradstewart] no everybody is chatting
[20:41] [tonyhughes] got my Windows Vista Product guide in the mail today
[20:41] [Cokemaster] No, I'm watching CSI on Sky1
[20:41] [GZNeoTech] very quiet 'chatting' it seems
[20:41] [tonyhughes] its well written, though im only about 20% through
[20:41] [Cokemaster] Yes
[20:41] [Cokemaster] It is quite quiet
[20:41] [Arfie] I was refereeing a screaming match in the kids bedroom
[20:41] [Arfie] :/
[20:41] [tonyhughes] bloody NZ post left it on TOP of my mailbox in the pouring rain
[20:42] [freitasm] Hmmm. Just writing the e-mail to Orcon.
[20:42] [tonyhughes] hi Arfie
[20:42] * Chiefie got nothing in mail today :-(
[20:42] [Cokemaster] Hmm
[20:42] [Arfie] hiya tony
[20:42] * bradstewart didnt either
[20:42] [freitasm] I got the Nokia 770 :)
[20:42] * TeKaha got ubuntu cds in the mail today
[20:42] [tonyhughes] cool - genuine IRCop....
[20:42] [alasta] I got a letter from my mother who is too technophobic to understand email. :)
[20:42] [tonyhughes] to what do we owe the pleasure?
[20:43] [tonyhughes] lol @alasta
[20:43] [Chiefie] i told a fib. i got my 15mins on Nokia N91:
[20:43] [tonyhughes] got my grandmother texting
[20:43] [tonyhughes] 1 a month is all she can manage
[20:43] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v Arfie
[20:43] [alasta] My mother couldn't possibly use a mobile phone.
[20:43] [Arfie] this is the largest concentration of kiwis on DALnet I reckon .. kept seeing the "chat on tues night" in the forum and never remembered
[20:43] [alasta] But she can turn the computer on and type and click on stuff.
[20:43] [tonyhughes] cool, we have not had #geekzone going very long
[20:43] [bradstewart] freitasm send me a phone next time!!
[20:44] [tonyhughes] but its coming along nicely
[20:44] [freitasm] Certainly...
[20:44] [bradstewart] really?
[20:44] [tonyhughes] !update the trolls geekbot
[20:44] [freitasm] Will do Brad.
[20:44] * Chiefie waiting for Em-Ef's UX17 :D
[20:44] [Chiefie] LOL
[20:44] [bradstewart] wasnt expecting that answer
[20:44] [freitasm] Well, when you get the Chilibox working...
[20:44] [geekbot] QuickStats by mIRCStats - Top talkers for the last 10 days: Cokemaster: 4061 lines, bradstewart: 2552, tonyhughes: 2101, JAMMAN2110: 1999, retardinator2: 828, freitasm: 651, psychrn: 552, Chiefie: 540, inane: 538, barf: 470
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[20:44] [alasta] Ok, folks, I'm going to get moving now. G'night all!
[20:44] [bradstewart] waiting for a adsl modem to turn up
[20:45] [tonyhughes] jamman is slipping
[20:45] [tonyhughes] night alastair
[20:45] [GZNeoTech] night alasta
[20:45] [Chiefie] night there alasta
[20:45] * alasta has quit IRC (Quit: )
[20:45] [tonyhughes] Well, my carbonite backup is chugging along
[20:45] [freitasm] Good night.,
[20:45] [bradstewart] mine too
[20:45] [Chiefie] hehe my carbonite went well :D
[20:45] [tonyhughes] thanks to MF / GZ / Soho Solutions
[20:45] [freitasm] Still uploading guys? That's why the Internet in New Zealand is slow these days...
[20:45] [bradstewart] sitto
[20:45] [Chiefie] it just need a bit of time to realised it got updated :D
[20:46] [bradstewart] ditto*
[20:46] [Cokemaster] Hmm
[20:46] [tonyhughes] 3.2GB uploaded so far
[20:46] [Arfie] I've been waiting 4 weeks for telecom to fix a noise problem on my line . .it's getting so bad that the adsl dies every 20-30 mins for 5 mins .. annoying
[20:46] [Chiefie] million of thanks to MF/GZ for continuous support
[20:46] [tonyhughes] been days
[20:46] * muppet has quit IRC (Quit: No windows for this server)
[20:46] [Cokemaster] Ironically a xtra ad is just on sky... the same old ad making empty promises
[20:46] * Chiefie 's Carbonite only 115MB
[20:46] [bradstewart] faster cheaper?
[20:46] [tonyhughes] slower same price more bloody likely
[20:47] [Chiefie] how do you set carbonite to backup certain file type like say. *.exe of all the backup folders.
[20:47] [Chiefie] at the moment, *.exe is ignored.
[20:47] * bradstewart 's backup is 95MB
[20:48] [Cokemaster] Has anyone actually gotten live concert streams from xtra?
[20:48] [Chiefie] xtra's streaming sucks
[20:48] [tonyhughes] supposedly you can right click ANY file
[20:48] [tonyhughes] but doesnt seem to work for DLLs EXEs etc
[20:48] [Chiefie] i can't get their game review channel going smooth, and i'm on cable :S
[20:48] [tonyhughes] ive had to zip some folders i want a backup of
[20:49] [Chiefie] yeah i thought so too tonyhughes
[20:49] [freitasm] MF's is 15GB.
[20:49] [tonyhughes] but if i delete the zip, the backup will disappear in a day
[20:49] [tonyhughes] :(
[20:49] [GZNeoTech] so the $5 a month is limitd to how much data?
[20:49] [bradstewart] 15Gb? you must go through a few Gb every minth
[20:49] * Chiefie saw HP Personal Drive that he can get for his MCE system
[20:49] [Chiefie] GZNeoTech "unlimited"
[20:49] [freitasm] I am on the 80GB plan.
[20:50] [Chiefie] but within reasonable storage size
[20:50] [tonyhughes] im gonna store all my files on my internal D: drive. Backup using ghost splitting the files to 1.9GB onto my external USB drive, then also backup important files to carbonite from D:
[20:50] * geekzone_guest has joined #geekzone
[20:50] [geekbot] [Geekzone_guest]: Welcome to #geekzone. Please use "/nick yournickname" to change your nickname.
[20:50] [tonyhughes] so carbo will be my secondary backup
[20:50] [freitasm] It's for data, but it will backup .dll/.exe if you right-click and set to backup.
[20:50] [GZNeoTech] I only have about 3GB being backed up.. using DVDRW at the moment..
[20:50] [tonyhughes] but a lifesaver if i get burned down or burgled or fried system
[20:50] [Chiefie] will it automatically pick up all *.exe etc?
[20:50] [tonyhughes] nope
[20:50] [Chiefie] in the designated folders
[20:51] [freitasm] No, only if you manually set it file by file.
[20:51] [Chiefie] hmm... i have few .exe files across the designated folders, but would be quite a task to do single R-C
[20:51] [GZNeoTech] so a search for *.exe in the required folders, select all and a right click will do it?
[20:51] [Chiefie] i guess i can use "search"
[20:51] [freitasm] Do a File Search...
[20:51] [Chiefie] lol. my thought too haha
[20:51] [freitasm] And select from there.
[20:51] [freitasm] Anyway...
[20:52] [tonyhughes] you could use a backup program like syncback to backup all your files into a zip file, then get carbonite to back up that zip
[20:52] [tonyhughes] lots of ways to fool carbonite
[20:52] [GZNeoTech] I use cobian backup.. back up to a zip file.. so can back it up as one big file with carbonite?
[20:52] [tonyhughes] its kinda restrictive how they have it set up. Not at all how i imagined it
[20:52] [tonyhughes] 2GB max
[20:53] [Chiefie] oh did i tell you guys that i got my lcd screen back?
[20:53] [tonyhughes] per file
[20:53] [tonyhughes] nope
[20:53] [tonyhughes] how is it
[20:53] [GZNeoTech] 2GB? always a catch
[20:53] [tonyhughes] power button eh?
[20:53] [Chiefie] yeah
[20:53] [tonyhughes] can have multiple 2GB files tho
[20:53] [Chiefie] well the plastic cap.
[20:53] [Chiefie] it is fixed now :D
[20:53] * Chiefie is happy again.
[20:53] [tonyhughes] so what happend
[20:53] [tonyhughes] cool
[20:53] [GZNeoTech] what brand chiefie?
[20:53] [Chiefie] well it decided to pop
[20:53] [Chiefie] HP f2105
[20:53] [tonyhughes] they say why what who where when?
[20:53] [Chiefie] nope. zippy
[20:54] [tonyhughes] george & bungle too
[20:54] [Cokemaster] Just got a call from Sky Television, a 'free' channel Rialto till the 26th August
[20:54] [tonyhughes] i had that
[20:54] [tonyhughes] last year
[20:54] [Cokemaster] Hmm
[20:54] [Chiefie] i was readying to blog about Visual Group/Harvey Norman's response time
[20:54] [tonyhughes] i made them promise to cancel without intervention from me
[20:54] [tonyhughes] or i wouldnt do it
[20:54] [tonyhughes] then they billed me and left it on!!!
[20:54] [tonyhughes] and Rialto sucks
[20:55] [Chiefie] as last year, when dean's phone had a carck to the screen to his ipaq h6315 and took over a month to get them respond to us. and we escalated the complain to HP
[20:55] [Chiefie] and HP sent out a new one to us.
[20:55] [tonyhughes] the people who want it, alrerady have it!
[20:55] * geekzone_guest has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:55] [tonyhughes] now if they gave away the Spice channel or something, they might upsell me
[20:55] [Cokemaster] lol
[20:55] [Cokemaster] Of course
[20:55] [Cokemaster] Hmm
[20:55] [tonyhughes] but no.......
[20:55] [Chiefie] i would like to see Cartoon Network Boomerang
[20:55] [tonyhughes] cr@ppy ol rialto
[20:55] [GZNeoTech] 'spice'?
[20:55] [Chiefie] classic 80's cartoon.
[20:55] [tonyhughes] pr0n
[20:55] [GZNeoTech] ahah
[20:55] [Chiefie] or even 70's
[20:55] [GZNeoTech] sorry don't have sky
[20:56] [Cokemaster] Hmm
[20:56] [Chiefie] hard core porn or soft porn?
[20:56] [tonyhughes] you not missing out on much
[20:56] [tonyhughes] dunno
[20:56] [Cokemaster] lol
[20:56] [Arfie] I did a tour of their studio a while back .. know that theres a guy employed just to watch spice for QA purposes and make sure things are queued up ok?
[20:56] [tonyhughes] any pr0n is good pr0n isnt it?
[20:56] [tonyhughes] !addquote [tonyhughes] any pr0n is good pr0n isnt it?
[20:56] [geekbot] Added quote at position #113
[20:56] [Chiefie] !quote 104
[20:56] [geekbot] #104 - [Cokemaster] I should buy a small cake in the shape of a cake || Added by - Chiefie At this time 23/07/2006 - 01:11:15
[20:56] [GZNeoTech] QA of Spice??
[20:56] [tonyhughes] lol Arfie
[20:56] [tonyhughes] what a job
[20:56] [freitasm]
[20:57] [freitasm] That's it guys... The Internet is for this...
[20:57] [tonyhughes] 'the internet is for porn' ?
[20:57] [Cokemaster] Heh
[20:57] [tonyhughes] thats a GREAT movie
[20:57] [Chiefie] Warcraft porn?
[20:57] [tonyhughes] very very very funny
[20:57] [Cokemaster] The internet is a series of pipes people!
[20:57] [Cokemaster] :P
[20:57] [tonyhughes] and safe
[20:57] [freitasm] Yep...
[20:58] [Chiefie] i wonder how they do the expression in warcraft?
[20:58] [tonyhughes] no pr0n in it
[20:58] [freitasm] Only good musical
[20:58] [freitasm] But funny.
[20:58] [Chiefie] any WOW addicts here?
[20:58] * tonyhughes would love a day or two of playing around with WoW
[20:58] [GZNeoTech] my son wants WOW
[20:58] [freitasm] Nope - but CounterStrike, Day of Defeat are cool!
[20:58] [tonyhughes] but afraid of becoming an addict
[20:58] [tonyhughes] lol
[20:58] * tonyhughes is not a gamer
[20:59] [tonyhughes] i bought the sims 1 a while back
[20:59] [Chiefie] i like it but i can't see myself playing it on worthwhile level as got work/job/family etc.
[20:59] [tonyhughes] played it for about 3 weeks
[20:59] [bradstewart] i only play NHL 06
[20:59] [tonyhughes] leisa plays solitaire
[20:59] [tonyhughes] lmao
[20:59] [Chiefie] i even played EVE online which is great but trial ended and haven't decided to pay for it.
[20:59] [GZNeoTech] I bought NFS Most Wanted
[20:59] [freitasm] Ok folks... I am closing the log!
[21:00] [Chiefie] the only online gaming service i have is XBox live and i'm not even playing xbox lately. LOL
[21:00] [tonyhughes] i have a PS2, play about one hour a fortnight of GT4
[21:00] [GZNeoTech] new NFS due out soon
[21:00] [Chiefie] i play solitaire when i'm in the bog at work LOL
[21:00] [tonyhughes] or GT3 with link cable against neighbour
[21:00] [bradstewart] what the new NFS?
[21:00] [tonyhughes] lol @kel
[21:00] [Cokemaster] Hmm
[21:00] [tonyhughes] !addquote [Chiefie] i play solitaire when i'm in the bog at work LOL
[21:00] [Chiefie] it's true tony :D
[21:00] [geekbot] Added quote at position #114

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