Hey folks... Some people on Twitter today got hold of one of Android mobile apps being developed (who leaked it?)

Anyway, here is the deal: our API is still under development, but there are things already working. Probably in January 2012 we will have a version that will allow us more than just read the forums.

We have a few developers working on apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Mac OS X.

To use an app, instead of entering your username and password you will create a User Key and enter that in the app. This way if you lose your mobile device you can disable access to Geekzone via the app by deleting the key, without having to change your password. Also all communication to the API is encrypted with SSL.

Here is an example of the page with some keys (yes, those keys are no longer valid). You can access the page now, but apps are only accessible to beta users:


Fire questions if you want. For early access send me a PM (by early I mean ALPHA!)