I'm often in some of the fringe cell coverage area's of West Auckland. So often have to find a wee clear spot with a window through the bush to make cell phone calls. Alas this has become a bit of a pain on Vodafone's 3G network. I find a spot with some excellent 3G signal, but alas I can not make a phone call. The phone just gets a connection error when I try to make a call. Also, my phone won't receive incoming calls in this situation either.

To make a call I have to switch to 2G only mode.

Why when you have a good 3G signal, but you are some distance away from the 3G cell (but not overly far, maybe 10-15Km), the phone will not connect a call? Nor will it send/receive text messages.

Vodafone has quite a lot of 3G cells around Auckland's urban area, and I'm wondering if there is some restriction on the distance away from the cell that you can use these? For a standard GSM 2G cell, you can connect at a distance of 35Km. Is this different for 3G? Any other ideas why I can't make a 3G call under this scenario?

Anyone else find this too?