Hey there


We have a VDSL Vodafone connection at work that is paid for by the Corporate head office. We currently are on a corporate plan for our 'Vodafone Home Wireless' (The stupid Huawei cordless phones with the sim in the base station) and they are a terrible device, missing multiple calls but it never actually rings, loses the base station 10 metres away all the time, answering a call doesn't connect to it straight away and reception from the base to the phone isn't very good. 


I am aware that Vodafone do a business VOIP line, but on the phone refused it without a Vodafone internet connection. We do have a Vodafone VDSL connection already but they'd have to be on the same account apparently.


We only just found out yesterday that our own account is 'attached' to the parent corporate account for the corporate plan that its on (not just the standard home phone wireless plan) and when I asked the corporates account manager at Vodafone about moving it to a VOIP line he just got lost and confused and I started to get annoyed explaining it so I just said we'd look at our own other options. Obviously the most ideal situation would be to keep the plan and go from the mobile line to a VOIP line so that we can actually have a phone again


We do have another VOIP provider sourced that can provide what we need, but the licensee ideally wants to stay on the Vodafone plan if he can help it.


Is anyone from Vodafone still on here? I'm not sure.