Hi All,

I am moving into my new place soon and plan to get Fusion. My problem here is that I have very little experience with voip so don't know what hardware to buy :D I will ask some more detailed questions in some asterisk forums but would like to get the local opinion on the hardware to use.

I would like to go for asterisk (currently setting up my box for it now).
I currently use an RTA1025W wireless adsl router and have quite a few spare adsl routers, switches & nics. I have a 'normal' cordless phone that i'd like to use for voip.

Could someone tell me the basic hardware required to get setup and the 'order' they should be in on my network? I would like to be able to dial each internal phone from each other - Can asterisk and an spa2102 handle that or will I have to get proper IP phones (or can I not do it)?

I know nothing about this but would something like the following work for a 'basic' setup? My RTA1025W router connects to the net, all computers connect via its wireless for the net except my asterisk box and a spa2102 which plug directly into the router. The asterisk box uses the 2 phones connected to the spa2102 for a single phone line (both ring).

If I buy an IP phone in the future, does it just plug into my router/switch and I configure asterisk to use it?

I have read through these forums a bit this morning and see quite a few people talking about using multiple routers? Will I need to do that?

Feel free to slap me for being such a nub :D