I picked up a Tungsten W from tradme, and was wondering if anyone had the original software for it, or knows how i can reset it to factory?  I don't need the sync software, just the 'factory restore'  utility that came with it...  Or at least I assume it came with one?  I'm using it on Linux so the other software is no good to me anyway...

I want to get the browser working on it again, but the version that is on the Palm site dosn't work with the old version of Palm-os on the Tungsten W.

BTW, for the $80 I paid for it it's an outstanding PDA, within the limitations of it's age.  I use the sim card out of my PCMCIA 3G card in it, and it does good service as a pop email client while I'm crusing around town, and the contacts/calendar is very usable.  The battery life is outstanding as well.

Only downsides are the size of the thing, and the browser is broke.  (Although having a decent screen is handy for reading it, some modern PDA's you need a microscope for!!!)

Cheers, Chris H.