Well, we applied for our Broadband on 3rd of July and on July 14th we got an email from Telstraclear saying that our connection is active and we are now connected. But, the modem kit is still on its way. This is really bad! How many days does Telstraclear wants its customers to wait for a new connection? 1 month? I spoke to the Customer Care and the person said that the modem is not delivered by Telstraclear and the request to send is sent to Dynalink and Dynalink sends the modem to us. The person said it would take another 48 hours for us to receive the modem. If this 48 hour misses out, then its next week!

This is really bad from Telstraclear side. I  may get my own modem now. The person said if I do buy my own modem, then to call them back once we receive our kit and discuss if any compensation is possible.