Hay guys, I am having a little bit of trouble at the momonet. It has been 8 working days since the time I called Telstraclear and signed up to the new Home + Boardband plan.

Anyway I called up today and asked if I have been connected or not (although I can still surf with vodafone at the moment, and telephone is working too) and the lady said that there is an 'error' between Telstraclear and Vodafone which they are currently investigating. The problem is that she can't give me a exact date that when the conversion would occur and it is likely it will not be resolved any time soon (just from the tone of her voice).

My problem is that it is nearly end of the month time for my Vodafone plan (16th of Nov) and I don't want to pay another full month with vodafone so I can have boardband up and running. But since the lady cannot tell me the exact date when the conversion will take place, or whether it occurs in the 10 working day period, I am now stuck with the possibility of no boardband and telephone after 16th of November.

So please if there is any Telstraclear people in this forum please help me! I am very happy to PM you my account number if it is necassary Smile