copy of email sent to Phone Insure this AM after a VERY infuriating phone conversation with them. Basic attitude, oh well we'll get it sorted when we can be bothered!

"FYI I just had a call from your office to say that the serial number is not on the proof of purchase, that has now been sent through 3 times. I have provide proof of purchase, I’m sorry but its not my fault the serial number is not on there. The latest Proof was sent Tuesday 3.50pm, why has it taken nearly 2 days to get back to me chasing the serial number?


The phone was handed to Vodafone Takapuna the morning of Tuesday 1st June. It is now Thursday 10 June over 10 days later and I am now told there is no chance of getting my replacement phone back today before I fly out to Sydney this afternoon! I went in to the store Tuesday this week to chase, and was assured they would get on top of it and get me the phone back that afternoon if not Wednesday AM!


This is totally unacceptable. I have left a message for a manager at Phone Insure to call me back, Kiera? I expect a call back ASAP this AM to resolve.


In the meantime, please forward a complaints form so I can lodge one formally.


I look forward to hearing from someone VERY shortly. "

Can anyone suggest a stronger course of action! I held off taking my iPhone in for ages until we had a spare one in the office, as I knew they wouldnt give me a loaner smartphone, and with travelling so much for work i simply couldnt afford to be without mobile email!!!!