Hi Everyone,

I have moved to a place in Hillsborough connected to the following cabinet:


I have tried playing around with the different DSl modulation types on my Linksys WAG310g modem however can only obtain the following speeds:

Modulation Type:
ADSL_2plus (configured as MultiMode)



Downstream Rate:
6835 Kbps

Upstream Rate:
376 Kbps

Downstream Noise Margin:
12.4 dB

Upstream Noise Margin:
11.9 dB

Downstream Attenuation:
15.0 dB

Upstream Attenuation:
5.1 dB

Downstream Power:
12.4 dBmV

Upstream Power:
19.7 dBmV

Total Bytes Sent:
1760144 Bytes

Total Bytes Received:
0 Bytes

I have tried connecting another modem to the outlet and also tried different cables and limiting the distance from the modem to the outlet with no luck. I have also tried using different filters plugged into the outlet. this is the only outlet that I am using throughout the whole house.

At my previous house I was using telecoms most expensive broadband plan which came with a static IP. The modem would connect with the following downstream and upstream speeds:

DR = 11500kbs
UR = 968 kbs

Which is significantly faster!!!

Any reason why this is so much slower? at my previous location I was also connecting to an upgraded adsl2+ cabinet.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Smile