Posting here as previous thread is old and closed.

Issue was not being able to bridge a wireless network across two houses 70m apart with the 802.11N standard despite having a N router and N access point simply because N access points with AP modes were non-existant - well linksys certainly didn't have any as we have 2 N units without AP mode but a G unit with AP mode and it was the G unit that ended up having to do the obviously not an ideal solution.


Finally sourced a 802.11N access point that has the required AP modes, say hello to D-Link DAP-1353, from dealer for $250.


Took 30 mins to wrap head around how to hook it up to bridge with the Linksys units but went with "AP Client" mode using the spare N AP to feed the secondary site from the DAP-1353 since the client mode is bridging and doesn't allow wireless connections.

So thanks D-Link.