I have a wag310g with a FXO ptsn connection. I am trying to get it to dial on the FXO port through the dial plan.
I can get the failover function to work correctly using (s0<@gw0>). If I lose my registaration it will dial out on the FXO prot no problem,
However when I try to use <9,:>xx.<:@gw0> (which should be press 9 for Gateway 0 and dial any number of numbers) in the dial plan it does not seem to work. If I press 9 it should give me the outside dial tone (which it does) and then dial the number XXX.
The info page says there is a outbound call to xxx on GW0 but it does not pick up or dial the number on the FXO port.
All the stuff I have read says I should be able to route the call from the VOIP FXS line to the PTSN FXO line like this.
That is from the Viop FXS port dial a number (9) to redirect the line to the Gateway "GW0" then dial out on that gateway. "GWO" should be the ptsn FXO line.
Can any one help?