Hi ,

AS i am going to test my elastix server in Live enviornment... at our new office.
At our new office we will have only the line from our VOIP provider.

There will be a telephone wire to which modem is attached and then o/p will be terminated at TE120p card. And for clients we have to take o/p from ethernet card (elastix server) to the switch.. and then to the clients...

hope this will work... For testing purpose only (i.e if we want to make a call ) i don't think we need internet line over there...We need only telephone line to make outbound calls. So, till now i have configured the following:----------

1. Extensions created.
2. IVR tested .
3. Internal testing with SIP phone using various extensions.
4. Voice recording is perfect.
5. Music on hold is also working fine.
6. took the backup already.
7. Created PIN sets for outbound calls

Now as i want to make outgoing call from the server .. so need to configure this:

Route Name
Name of this route.      
Route Password:
PIN SetOptional:
Dial Patterns
Dial Pattern Wizard:
Trunk sequence:

What should be the dial pattern for making local and STD calls is defined in the wizard. Hope i just i have to click it there on the wizard.... and what about the trunk sequence??

Will it work..??? Is this for sure that i have to terminate my VIOP provider's line) in the TE120p card??
Please suggest me soon............................and merry christmas in advance..

Many Thanks,
Sudhir Kumar