I am helping a friend who has her desktop just for business and light email and document use. She has 2gb Ram. The computer came pre-installed with Windows 7 but downgraded to Windows XP because the programs can only be compatible with that OS. She has 1-2 intensive business programs installed and 1-2 light programs installed on her computer. (eg: infusion business software, no-ip, sales link server) The most intensive-running program would be Kaspersky Internet Security.
When opening Microsoft Word it is a bit slow. But then she wants to print, so she clicks the print command and 5 minutes later the dialog box comes up. That is very slow. And then we click 'print', it also takes a long time to when the printer starts printing. That process is apparently even slower when she wants to print from the "ASB" website.
So does anyone know what might be causing the problem?