Windows XP SP3 Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3 motherboard.

In preparation for a Win 7 upgrade I removed my (non Win 7 compatible) Soundblaster Live Drive II and enabled the onboard Realtek Sound.
Didn't really like it so bought a Soundblaster card, SB0730. With it installed Windows won't load - even in safe mode.  Just a black screen.

The card is OK in another computer, and my former SBLive card now exhibits the same problem.

Can I log the load sequence to get any ideas, or try anything else?  I did contact Soundblaster who told me to go away as it was an OEM card, and Gigabyte Support just gave a meaningless reply.

Although doing a Win7 upgrade I'd still like to have XP on a disconnected hard drive to refer back to and
would prefer not to have to pull the soundcard every time!

Thank you.