im using xp pro, sp2, all updates and drivers installed. when i double click my documents and try to browse thru sub folders etc its very slow for some reason. eg when i double click on a sub folder in my documents (or even in drive c) theres a slight pause every time, even moving up folders or clicking the back button does the same thing, always a slight pause. however when i open a document or try to play a mp3 theres no probs at all.  if i leave windows media player open playing a mp3 or movie or somthing and i try to browse thru folders as mentioned, theres no problems at all, no pauses, changing folders is very fast.  even when i remote desktop into the computer and dont have windows media player open, no prob at all browisng folders.  i only have the prob when im sitting at the console without windows media player open, thats when i have the slight pauses changing between folders, its so anoying, really bugging me.

my other comps running xp pro dont have this prob at all. my mobo is a asus M2N-E Sli with the nvidea500 chipset. cpu: dual core amd x2 athlon 6000+ am2. 1gb ddr800. nvidea geforce 8500GT pci-e. have tried everything to fix problem, reinstalling, diff hdd's, updating bios, updaing drivers from asus website etc. anyone else with this mobo having this prob? could anyone suggest anything?