Well, I've tried and I've tried (googled etc) but I've still had no luck, so I thought I'd come to the knowledgeable folk at Geekzone for answers.

My work laptop connects to our domain (exchange server) and in this domain, my account is part of our administrator group. I have just installed Windows 7 RC on my laptop and can't work out how to change the Windows 7 theme when logging in under my domain login (even if I log as administrator I still cannot change the theme.)

When I right click on desktop and then personalise all the themes are greyed out, and on the bottom of the screen is written "One or more of the settings on this page has been disabled by the system administrator." I can change the background, sounds etc, the only problem is selecting and applying themes (if I try to open a theme file directly I get an administrator type error.)

The only way I can change the theme is if I log in as the local computer user name that was used to install Windows 7 (Authorised User was the name.) - but this obviously does not push the theme to my domain login profile.

I've tried a whole pile of changing ownership on C: and then setting permissions etc, and I'm sure it's something to do with this, but I just can't get the configuration correct.

Any ideas how I can enable this on my exchange profile (I can add myself to any Active Directory user group if that's what's required.)

Many thanks for your input