I'm trying to add one email address to another email address in Windows Live in order for email addressed to the second address to be delivered to the first address.

I have the email addresses set up as abcd@wxyz.co.nz with wxyz being our own domain name.

I can send and receive email from the original address OK but when I try to add another address I run into problems. To me at least the set up instructions aren't very clear.

At first I created the new address by adding a member address under our domain name, however when I then tried to attach this address to the other address I got a message saying the address was already taken.

I then deleted that address from our domain and then I was able to continue with the process of adding it to the other address.  Then it came time to verify the new address, problem now being there was no where for the verification email to go to as the address didn't exist in our domain.

I then recreated the address in our domain. When I try to sign in to this address for the first time, I end up on the page where I need to complete the sign in procedure and change the password.  I complete all the required fields and I always get the following message: An error occurred while updating your information. The information may or may not have been saved. Please sign in again to continue with the flow.

Does anyone have any bright ideas?