Just been on a learning exercise and this is my next step (recently completed Pfsense router/VPN/IPS, cisco router and server build) and just started learning Red Hat.



My first goal is to create a highly secured NAS with the following outcomes:


1. Mirror across 2 drives


2. encrypted at rest


3. login required (zero trust) either certificate and even better authenticator (e.g. google authenticator). Will be connecting from both Windows and Linux.


4. For a part of the files I would like to use PGP encryption


5. Encrypted backup in cloud



I was looking at using OpenShift & ZFS. I have no view on what authentication server or PGP implementation I will use.



Could you please give me some advice on the following:


1. Overall architecture options


2. How to get started / best approach


3. Pitfalls & things to keep in mind