I posted a solution that worked for me; to get on-line with the Telecom XT MF636 stick; (from ZTE); on Mandriva 2010


It uses wvdial, and a terminal command 

(It also worked for Ubuntu 9.10)



posts a neater, shorter method: where the modem is recognised by network manager; (NM) (for him)

when I tried this on my Ubuntu 9.10 liveCD, and successfully configured it; it did NOT appear as a subsequent option on NM;

I found the same problem with Fedora 12; I could configure but NM does not offer the configuration as an option;

(whereas the similar ZTE modem of Vodafone NZ, the K3565-Z does appear as an option after configuration);

so for me, I guess I stick with the mandriva option for the while

( was using an Eee 1000H)