I want to setup a remote webcam connected via a Telecom T-stick but I don't know how to set up the communcations link.

I was originally going to use a pair of mobile phones connected in data mode.  Setting up the link would have required just dialing up the remote phone and  using the phones as modems.  This solution is now too expensive.
I now want to use a prepaid T-stick.

How do I establish comms from my home pc to the remote PC (with webcam attached). 
Do I have to dial up the T-stick first like calling another phone? 
Do T-sticks have static or dynamic IP addresses?
Can someone point me to a howto website?  I can't be the first to do this.

I do not want to allow public access to the remote PC because it will eat up the pre-paid data allocation. 
I would want to run a script to automatically download a still image (no video) during the day.
I would also want the remote PC to pre-emptively call up (eg intruder alert)

Any help would be appreciated.