Anyone know how to get mail "Rules" to work on the "Junk" folder.


My work has just changed their mail filtering from in house(Mail Marshal)  to use Microsofts services, and when it thinks mail is spam/bulk mail it puts it into the Junk folder.


I can manually run the rules over the spam, but that is not what I want.


In our old filtering system I had hundreds of spam rules I had set up, blocking a lot of TLDs (Top level domains, eg *@*.ru , *@*.football etc) so I had my spam getting through down to 1 a month.


I checked the blocked spam everyday to see if there were new filters I should add to do a catch all from certain domains, or if I needed to modify my filters because it was catching legit mail. All good, all easy. And on most days I would see between 50 and 200 spams blocked. I could also add in "safe" mail addresses to prevent filtering.


Microsofts offering is horrid, if it has decided an email is 100% spam using its algorithms it deletes the spam. I have no idea what it is deleting as I have no opportunity to see. Just as bad it is letting through "Suspected" spams from junk TLDs like ".icu" and quarantining legitimate emails that I have to go to their website to release. These all get put into the junk folder and the mail rules do not seem to work automatically on the junk folder.


Anyone found a way around this ?