I am after advice from those in the know.

I have received a range of quotes for commercial 'anytime/uncontrolled' supply, in the Wanganui CBD, at rates from $184- $266 (+GST) per MWh. The best overall quote I have is $187 / MWh.

Obviously the quotes at the upper end of the range are simply just the relevant retailers taking the piss, though at the bottom end there is no PPD (prompt payment discount).

However, I believe it should be possible to get below $180 per MWh.

The load is 24/7 with some increase during the day but not a huge amount. Therefore, night rates (actually only available for 8 hours) doesn't come up.

I have considered the option of a floating rate (based on 1/2 hourly spot) but the company offering this indicated a maximum potential saving of $20 / MWh. At the moment I am not sure if this is an acceptable gamble (and would lose the price increase guarantees offered by the others), but would like feedback.

My main thrust is to find out if there is a buying group or 'angle' I can use to bring the price down. I know for sure $175 could be in the ballpark.

Feedback, information, contributions please?