I would like to share with you guys a list of apps and services that I use on a daily basis. I know none of them are new, but someone might find them useful. Also, I'd like to see which ones are on top of your list.


Evernote is perfect for a quick reminder, research, and share ideas across your desktop, and mobile platforms. Your thoughts are always with you.


Dashlane (or similar password managers) - I have hundreds of usernames and passwords. Instead of using the same password for everything, now I can simply generate strong passwords mixing letters, digits, and symbols with a length of 28 characters (maximum) if I want to, and let Dashlane memorize them. Plus, two-factor authentication. 


Trello is my project management solution. It is amazingly flexible. I share a Trello project with my client, and both of us can see what's going on, send a comment, files, or feedback using Trello cards. No need for hundreds of emails or telephone calls anymore. It's perfect for personal stuff as well, such supermarket list, for example.


Lynda.com - It is an online educational company that offers thousands of courses in business, creative stuff, technology, and marketing. Free access via NZ libraries.


Rainy Mood and  Coffitivity are good options to keep focused and boosting productivity. You can make things even better by adding your favorite music using a video looping service such as Endless Video.