For anyone purchasing items from beware that the freight they now charge, could put a dampener on things. I've been buying a number of modems over the last few months, and despite only being 2km away from them, they won't allow collections. Up until last week, they've done as their auction terms and conditions state, and combined several items from a single auction into one box and charged $10.50 freight. All good and dandy.

This all changed last week, and despite nothing changed in their published shipping policy where they claim they'll combine items to keep freight costs down, they now ship each item individually with horrible stickers covering the retail boxes, and charged at $9.50 per item. I bought 7x modems and they charged me $66.50 freight for the 2km journey. It took a lot of very strong words to get a credit for this excessive overcharging which appears to be just another revenue grab. It's also been made clear to me that next time I'll be charged their full freight cost again. I suspect a few Geekzoners buy from these people, so please let them know what you think.

I hate it when businesses charge excessive amounts for freight  and don't make it clear in advance.