Hi all

We are moving out soon, and I am getting contradicting answers on some issues. I am keen for comments before I query Maintain Canterbury tomorrow.

I plan to do some painting while the home is empty. I recall that I asked that when they were here doing the quote, I am sure I was told that that is fine, I will have to have a Health and Safety Induction. The next door neighbour tells me that once they have the keys, there is no going in the house as its then a building site.

My garage floor is being repaired, but I want that left to last, is that an option? Neighbour says hers is being done, but she is now back home and its not done yet. I want to store my stuff in the garage and sleepout 

The reason for moving out is the bathroom/laundry is being striped out fully to allow the floor to be removed and repaired. Elsewhere, it is just wall and celing surface repairs and painting most of the interior.