A friend of mine is looking for a new place to rent in Christchurch. Preferrably somewhere in CBD, which mean the option for broadband+phone could potentially be Telecom, TelstraClear Cable, Vodafone or anyone with naked DSL+VoIP phone services.

They're looking at the most affordable package with good broadband connection and definitely a local number.

So I said I'll check with people that know well as see what package is available for them.

I thought of, if the place has TCL cable, perhaps a cable internet + VFX would be enough. Otherwise, Naked DSL + VoIP (suggestion who are the potential), or Telecom with their whole broadband+landline, or lastly Vodafone...

I have thought of Snap's Naked DSL + VFX for VoIP, does Snap and VFX have a deal of doing this?

Otherwise, it'd be WorldExchange naked DSL + VFX?

Any suggestion given would be helpful, it's getting harder to pick which telco and which ISP to go with... Hopefully I can give them some news soon.