Im testing out Outlook again after years of not using it due to just not liking it. 


Ive been using Thunderbird for a very long time - the calendar syncing plugin I was using broke last year with no updates since. I switched to using TBSync which is syncing calendars but not contacts - the developer has dropped all google support. 


I have an old legacy Google Workspace account (the free one) so I cant use the Google Workspace sync for Outlook.  I currently using Outlook Google Calendar Sync and that works fine.  I also have Go Contact Sync Mod.  While these both work it looks like go contact will stop in a couple of months without a fairly hefty rewrite.  And the calendar sync only syncs the one calendar - I dont really need my others but it would be nice!  


Anyone have any suggestions?  Im not averse to paying for an app but would want something that is reasonably priced and works well.  Ive used multiple ones in the past with customers and none have been overly fantastic!