hi guys,

I would be interested on your guys views on this issue i encountered last friday.

The story goes as such:

Sent out on a fairly standard job to image a DR server onto the original server for a client.

Arrived onsite and set about backing up both servers (DR server and Orginal server)

Backup of both servers to USB 2.0 drive, transfer rates ran at ~29MB/s

Both servers were booted with the Shadow Protect CD

The total data that was backed up was ~71GB (35GB on C:\ and 36GB on D:\)

Now the interesting bit...

The restore from USB 2.0 drive back onto the Original server only managed a snails pace of ~3MB/s.

At this point (time remaining stated 1hour 10 mins) i thought the USB driver may have loaded as USB1.1. So i setup the network adapter and a mapped network drive. BUT that got me the same transfer rate.

I rebooted into shadow protect with the latest driver from the LSI site to see if that would help, but again i only achived ~3MB/s

I left the transfer to happen and continued on other jobs i had to do that day (Office was closed for the day too which was lucky)

Has anyone else had a similar problem?  I suspect that Shadow Protect had trouble loading the driver for the LSI card and wasn't able to restore at a faster rate.

Oh and the Original server booted fine and runs with no problem (ruling out an issue with the LSI RAID card)

Any ideas would be great...

Cheers guys!