I am in the process of building a new PC here are the specs i am considering:

Case: Silverstone TJ10 ESA (already bought)
PSU: ?? probably around 750w + prefarably modular
CPU: Core i7 920 or Core i7 860
Motherboard: x58 - Asus P6T or p55 - Gigabyte GA-P55-UD5 or MSI P55-GD65
RAM: x58 - 6GB tri channel DDR3-1600 or p55 - 4GB dual channel DDR3-1600
GPU: ATI/AMD 4870 or 5850 (depending how prices settle)
Optical: Blu-Ray reader + Dvd Writer
Heatsink: Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme
HDD: 1TB + 500GB (already have)

The real questions here are whether to go with the i7920 or 860 which decides the rest. I will be overclocking to probably 3.6Ghz+.

Also advice of PSU's Motherboards and RAM would be apreciated.