Have been having regular problems with printing on our network printer.

We have home network of two Toshiba notebooks (3G RAM, 32 bit operating system), one usually upstairs, the other downstairs. Our network printer is HP Officejet Pro L7590, which is located upstairs. These are connected by 3Com officeConnect wireless 54Mbps Firewall Router located upstairs. There is also a Edimax 5 port Ethernet switch which the 3Com is connected to by wired connection. (This is according to the Network Map). There is Windows Vista Home Premium, on both notebooks. One notebook has Office 2007, the other Office 2003.

We normally use the wireless connections but sometimes this connection comes and goes. We then have to use the wired connection. Sometimes when we get no connection, we restart the Router, and/or switch, and things get restored. Not sure whether this is normal?

Anyhow the bigger problem is when we print.We consistently have problem of the printed documents have lines at the end which gets missed out, ie, the printer only prints part of the document, then STOPS!! This seems to happen randomly. Sometimes when printing two copies of the same document, one of them would be fine, the other will have missing parts at the end. This happens in ALL applications, eg WORD, MYOB, printing from webpage etc

We have taken the printer back to the retailer within the warranty period. They did tests and told us they found nothing wrong. We asked our IT Fixit guy, he thinks it is the printer. he said HP Multifunction Centres are unreliable. Unfortunately the warranty has expired on our one.

Have you heard of similar problem? Any ideas as to what we can do to try and resolve this ourselves?