Hi all, I have a 3.5" 500GB Maxtor Basics External Hard Drive
It has been working perfect for the past 1.5 years but recently it has developed this problem since I got a new PC
First, it wouldn't get recognized every time the PC was restarted, like the drive letter would appear but when I click on it,system would hang or I get message saying access denied.  Then, once recently it got recognized as 2TB
I reformatted it and it worked for few days until yesterday it became 100GB and now today it has become 880GB

At this stage I can still use it but not sure why the capacity keeps changing, is it stuffed??

I bought it online from a reputed dealer on trademe called jerrylee1 and as far as I remember he said these have 3 year warranty but not sure if this problem is minor, I just don't want to go to him and then he fixes it in 2 minutes or something like that. 

Please see pictures, external 500gb is F  Drive in screenshots