So i have this pc.

P4 northwood 2.6ghz
Some old Mobo
1gb ddr Ram 400mhz
Pioneer DVD/CD
ATI x800 xt AGP
Sound Maker value 5.1
1 80gb 7200 Segate HDD
1 40gb 7200 Segate HDD
Sunbeam Rheobus Fan Controller running 4 low draw quiet fans and a fat and loud 120mm one

It has a 350w PSU with 180w on +5 and +3.3 and it likes to cut out just randomly while doing anything on this PC, am i really overloading it? I was running this minus fans on a 300w and it went fine. When it cuts out i have to pull the plug out and switch it off, then plug back in to get it to work, then sometimes is still doesn't work just giving a little flash of the fan controller lights when i plug it in then nothing, no response from the power button.

I've heard of balancing components over molex connectors, i have 2 strings of 3, how would i figure out what to plug in where for best utilisation?