Ok here it is




Changes to the above, from the customisations page


1) upgrading the chip to the 2500 version (extra $10)

2) Ditching the OS, as already have one

3) getting a monitor Asus VE247H 23.6" Full HD LED LCD Monitor

4) unsure on graphics card

4) unsure on harddrive (currently have 2 atas one for backing up when I remember)

5) Probably go for a longer warranty (grumpy about that though see below)


Basically this will be an office machine, i will be doing work in fireworks etc and possibly Photoshop, Machine seems good for the price, and i can't afford more.


Sandy bridge bug, this machine was available before the sandy bridge came out (with I am fairly sure an included 2 yr warranty), now the machine is on the site, with an included 1 yr warranty and seems a bit dearer.

But it seems to be the best deal i have seen