Hi all,

Just need some opinions for my new build.

I have an OCZ SSD 60gb sata3 drive, and 2x 2TB Seagate green drives (5900rpm) sata3 running RAID0. (Mobo has 6x sata3 6gbps connectors)

My idea was to just install win7 on the SSD and everything else on the array. But because I was building it on a tight budget I went for the slower green drives and now I am thinking any apps running off the array might be bottlenecked

So Now I am thinking of OS + essential apps on the SSD and everything else on the array. I am not a gamer, the PC will be mainly used for graphic design and as a media pc. It had 8gb ram dual channel, and has 2x spare slots (board supports upto 32gb)

What I have planned to go on the boot drive:

OS (win7 ultimate x64)

Which I would estimate to use up about 20gb of space.

Does this sound ok by others? Am I right in thinking I will create a bottleneck by running apps off the slower drives? or would I not notice the difference?