I am looking for a solution for iPaq running Windows Mobile 2003. On the desktop, I use Outlook 2003 and Pocket Outlook on iPaq (email,contacts,tasks and notes).

I am looking for a solution for Outlook Journal. I want to be able to sync my Outlook 2003 Journal entry items with my iPaq and create Journal items with my iPaq that I can sync with Outlook 2003. In both cases, I would use Activesync 3.7 for syncing.

I have read the information on Pocket Informant and have emailed the developer, its look like it may do the trick.

Does anyone have experience with Pocket Informant and their Journal sync option?

The other question I have is also related to Pocket Outlook, if you have 2 profiles of Outlook 2003, for example a personal Outlook 2003 file and an Exchange 2003 account, can you have 2 profiles (user accounts) on one iPaq. If it can be done, please advise how.

Thank You in advance,