JAVOedge releases Cingular Blackjack JAVOScreen Anti Glare and Ultra Clear screen protectors.

The JAVOScreen Anti-Glare screen protector is the perfect compromise
between visual clarity and anti glare properties. Features a 3 layer
construction structure. The top layer is a special matte finishing
which allows an incredible amount of light through while still retaining
it's anti reflective properties. The middle layer is an armor layer that
shields your screen from scratches. The last layer is a silicon compound
which adheres to your screen without leaving sticky residue. This layer
is fully washable, water will not reduce it's ability to stick to your screen.

Miraculous glass like crystal clarity! JAVOScreen 2.0 Ultra Clear will
maintain the life and vivid color of your device. Designed specifically to
guard your sensitive device from unexpected bumps and scratches. It is
the perfect product if you put your device in pant pockets or purses. A
special mixture in the plastic used for the JAVOScreen 2.0 refracts 99%
of UV rays from reflected light which in turn protects your eyes.

Compatible with:
Cingular Blackjack
Samsung i607

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