JAVOedge releases the JAVOClearCase for the RIM Blackberry 8800!

Optimum protection with this crystal clear, poly-carbonate JAVOClear Case!  This hard clear case is designed to protect and maintain the originality of Blackberry 8800 without compromises.  The perfect case, the perfect look!  One of the best case in the market today!

The JAVOClear Case is a stylish yet functional case which protects and allows you to showcase the original look of your device.  This lightweight yet sturdy JAVOClear Case is made out of PC (poly-carbonate plastic) making it extremely durable. It is form-fitting and snug with a strong locking mechanism. This clear case also provides accessible openings to the screen, sync port, buttons, headphone jack, camera, etc.  If you are looking for a case that is light, protective and still be able to enjoy the look of your device, the JAVOClear Case is for you.

Compatible with:

AT&T Blackberry 8800 Phone
Cingular Blackberry 8800 Phone
RIM Blackberry 8800 Phone

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