I have just bought an Ipaq 3970 that is running Pocket PC 2002 (Brazil Portuguese) Version 3.0.11171 (build 11178)
Processor Intel (R) PXA250.

I'd like to change ROM from Brazilian Portuguese to English, I search for tutorials and I Found a lot of them, but I am still having problems to upgrade it.

My first attempt was try to upgrade using HP upgrade tool

Portuguese file --> NK_Wisr210_15PTB_BT.nbf

iPAQ H3970 and H3975 Pocket PC ROM Update – Versão 2.10

Arquivo: sp22968.exe


English File --> NK_Windsor21010WWE.nbf

Rom Update Ipaq H3970 and 3975 – Versão 2.10

Arquivo: sp23479

Every time i try to recalculate the checksum, I got an error, maybe I'm doing it wrong.




Hex Codes

Somatória em Hexadecimal


"E" + "N" + "G"

45 + 4E + 47


Português do Brasil

"P" + "T" + "B"

50 + 54 + 42



5af – E6 = 4C9 e 4C9 + (ENG) = 4C9 + DA = 5A3

I'm triying to upgrade the version 2.10 BR with an 2.10 in english like a reinstall.

The second attemp was using a serial mode:

Another way to install a different language ROM in you PDA

iPAQ 3900 series..

1.- Download the latest ROM update for iPAQ 3900 series.

ie: To change  a 3970 from Spanish to English, download the latest 3970 English ROM update.

2.- Using Winzip, unpack the ROM update file into a TEMP DIR.

3.-  Use a Multi-Port/USB TTY program using the following Port Settings: 8-N-1, Flow Control: NONE, Parity: NONE

and place that program in the same DIR where you unpacked the ROM update.

4.- Put the device in "Serial Mode." To do this, press the POWER button, button 2 and the software reset button at the same time.

A bootloader screen should appear with the words "Serial" in the top center of the screen.

Place the device in the cradle. It should detect if you have USB or Serial and switch to the appropriate connection type.

If you are using USB, the device should have "USB" in the top center of the screen.

5.-Stop Activesync. To do this, check your running processes and kill WCESCOMM.EXE.

6.- RUN the MTTY Program and the first screen that pops up is the serial port configuration screen.

If you have your cradle connected with the USB, use the drop-down box and change the COM port to \\\WCEUSBSH001.

If you don't see this option then you probably didn't kill Activesync

Use the Port settings from the step #3.

This should take you to a terminal screen. Hit <RETURN> a couple of times and you should see the USB prompt.

7.- To update the ROM, from the ROM update files rename the file with the extension .NBK for nk.nb0 (its easier to type short names).

8.- At the terminal screen type "lnb nk.nb0" at the USB prompt. (That means: Load the ROM nk.nb0)

The upload should start and you should see asterisks and some sort of symbol.

It will let you know when it is finished.

The above steps where tested on iPAQs 3900 series ONLY..

Warning: doing this you can void your warranty.

I got this error

USB>lnb nk.nb0

start NB image download

Fail to synchronize with the host (1)

I'm wrong? Where? Can anyone help me?