I'm having real issues connecting to free and some secure wifi AP's - I cant find any pattern.......




My home connection is fine, most friends AP's I can connect to fine as well, but then I hit the occasional one that just refuses to let me connect. Public AP's are a crap shoot as well, probably can only connect to 40% of the ones I come across now, yet my wifes Android connects straight away, so I know the networks are running. I just get a message on the phone stating that my phone is unable to connect to the wifi at this time.


Has been getting gradually worse over the past month or so.... and being on Prepay, wifi access is pretty damn handy for me :)


Microsoft 640XL LTE (NZ new)


Lumia Denim


Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 (8.10.15148.160)




Any ideas ? Dont really want to reset the phone if can help it, but may have to as part of the t/shooting....