I am having an issue with HTC Touch, Jawbone Bluetooth Headset (also have same issue with Moto S9 Bluetooth) and MS Voice Command 1.6.

All the feature in MS Voice Command work with Touch/Jawbone combo except making phone calls.

When I press camera button (it is set up to activate Voice Command), I can phone a number from my contacts list. That works flawlessly.

When I activate to make a call via Jawbone Bluetooth headset, Voice Command opens and shows contact and then closes.

When I open other apps via Jawbone and Voice Command, it works fine, my only issue is getting Voice Command to make call when activated via bluetooth headset (By the way, same issue happens with Motorola S9 Stereo headset as well)

Are there any reg edits, 3rd party apps that will fix this issue or any other suggestions to resolve this issue, it's driving me to drink trying to get this one little issue to work.