There is a great variety of audio recorders for Windows Mobile Pocket PC (touch screen) and Smartphones (no touch screen). The most prominent and well-known that are also capable of calls recording: VITO AudioNotes, PMRecorder, Resco Audio Recorder, Yoho Voice Recorder. There is a very thorough [url=]review by Werner Ruotsalainen[/url], where he makes a deep analysis of three most popular recorders. From comparison table it is clearly seen that in many respects VITO AudioNotes has better or otherwise similar characteristics to other audio recorders. The features that are worth mentioning:
•record voice notes in MP3 and WAV formats
•append recording to the same file after stop
•choose from optimal recording presets: low, medium, high quality (for both mp3 and wav)
•store recordings to storage card or main memory
•increase microphone sensitivity with automatic gain control
•avoid silence gaps with VAS (Voice Activation System)
•control the file size growing while recording
•move files from main memory to storage card and vica versa
•send via email or MMS (Windows Mobile 5.0)
•press the assigned button to start recording anytime
The main point is that [b]VITO AudioNotes is 3 times cheaper[/b] than Resco Audio Recorder, its constant rival close on the heels. So you can get a better audio recorder for lower price! VITO AudioNotes costs ONLY $7 at