Nowadays almost everybody has a mobile phone, so it can be tough sometimes to recognize your phone ringing in public place. I use our company's VITO RingtoneEditor on my HTC Touch (it also works on non-touch devices) and really enjoy creating as many ringtones as I wish.

Firstly, download and it..

Start it, choose a song that you want to use for creating your ringtone.

After you press Select the song starts playing with a short delay. Next thing is to choose the starting point for the ringtone. Tap the button to mark the beginning of your ringtone. Do not worry if you didn't catch the exact point, you can always rewind with joystick.

Now that you have the starting point continue to listen or fast forward to the place where your want to finish the ringtone.

Then you will see the menu where you can immediately assign the ringtone to ringer, edit ringtone or save it.

This software is highly recommended if you like to be unique in everything and have as many free ringtones as you wish.

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