Hello I am sooooooo frustrated here
trying to do what most people are doing here, sharing internet connection via blue tooth on my Ipaq
Now I followed the instructions get the devices paired, Now this is what I doing for the adapters.For my wireless I'm activating ICS (internet sharing), on the blue tooth I'm putting the IP address @ with the subnet mask. On the PC I get connected to the netowrk access and shows on the PDA
When I go to the blue tooth manager and click on the icon for internet it gives me a msg " connection cannot be intiliazed. error 1XXXX.
IF I proceed to the internet it feels like it is about to work then says : internet page cannot be found"
What am I doing wrong and how close am I to get this working, like at one point it show an "I' for the internet and shows it connected then disappears.
this is windows XP with service pack 1, no fire wall, my wireless adapter is on obtain IP automatically, my Dlink router gateway is set to
Another thing here is if I go to my wireless connection and set a specific Ip address (for testing), I loss internet access, signal is there but I keep on getting internet page cannot be displayed. Yet I connecto to MSn messenger. Could this be an issue. the router I'm using is a Dlink 624 and the bluetooth is a Dlink B120T with PAN.
Can someone explain to me what is happening or provide help, I'm close to returning everything and never buying a PDA again.
And setting a static Ip address on a Dlink router is there something I missing. that could be the issue