Using a bluetooth earpiece for phonecalls I have the following problem; when I call out the audio is acceptable and fine. When others call in they can barely hear me. Very weak audio for the calling party. I can hear the other party fine, but they can barely hear me. Upon turning the Bleutooth option on and of, while the caller is on hold, the audio turns normal, most of the time. This is a real pain so I usually turn the Bleutooth option of completly and have the iPac on my ear.
I have tested the unit with 4 different earpieces, the Motorola HS820 (2X) , the Belkin recommended by HP and the Logitech HS02(newest). Already HP send me a new iPac 6315. The same problem. They are sending me again another one. Awaiting the result of his one.
Everything is updated. Newest software, etc.
Anybody knows the fix as they may have experienced the same problem?