hello, i really hope someone hre can help me, i've been working on this for days now and i cant seem to fix it. i had pocket pc 2002 on my ipaq 3970 and it was fantastic. i bought a dual sleeve expansion and i used my orinoco gold classic card with the agere CE 3.00 drivers and it woroked great. i upgraded to PPC2003 because i needed programs like PocketPutty, Skype and Netfront which weren't really avaliable for PPC 2002. after the install of PPC 2003 i triede installing my agere CE 4.00 drivers but my wifi card wouldn't work. ive since tried many other drivers and i still cant get it to light up. should i hard reboot and try again? my bluetooth also isn't working i keep getting the infamous "bloothtooth manager hasn't got enough memory to run" crap. i tried some work arounds such as trying to run the BT wizzard using total commander which partially worked but i couldn't see any devices. i would really love to get my wifi to work, i can live with the bluetooth but the whole point of upgrading was to enhance my ipaq on the internet.

Please take some time to comment if you have any ideas.

ANY help is appriciated.

Sam Hassanyeh.