Hi everyone, have a small problem, I have a HTC Touch2 and when using the txt function it is set to conversation mode which I personally find terrible, now how do you set txt to traditional mode? On the HTC there does not seem to be any options to do this. I have done a Google search and many other users have asked the same question, one of the answers is “go to message inbox then tap on menu then settings then you will see the option there for traditional mode” My HTC does not have those options, if I select menu from the inbox the options I have are “new” Delete” “reply” “forward” “send/Receive” “follow up” “move” “go to” “tools” “select Messages” and “MMS Options” Under “tools” or “MMS Options” there is nothing about “traditional mode” The HTC is running Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
Any idea’s anyone?