I recently got a T-mobile MDA and I have had a Ipaq 4705 for about a year. I have been able to set up a partnership between the Ipaq and the MDA and I have been able to blue tooth a contact and a file from the ipaq to the mda. But I can't get the mda to bluetooth anything to the Ipaq. I also have tried to set up the connection from the Ipaq to use the MDA to get on the internet. The exchange icon with the green arrows comes on, but when it tries to make the dial up connection, the ipaq ask for user name,password and domain name, which i think are supposed to be blank, but the ipaq always puts my email username in the username space. I delete it but it still wont connect.
Is there something in the MDA that won't let it bluetooth out?

Also I would like to be able to active sync both the ipaq and the mda to my desk top. And I would like to use A/S 3.8 for the Ipaq to allow for wireless syncing and I guess I have to use A/S 4.1 or 4.2 for the MDA. My Ipaq is still using WM2003. Everytime I try to sync either unit, A/S tries to sync using the profile that was used last. In other words the ipaq is named lucy and the MDA is named jessica. If I have sync'd jessica last and then try to sync lucy then lucy will try to sync using jessica's profiles. Or if lucy was last then jessica will try to sync using lucy's profile. 
Then if jessica was last sync'd and I try to sync lucy then A/S tries to add all of jessica's contacts and appointments so on so forth to lucy and I wind up with 2 of everything in lucy. Is there away around this?