Looking for a good value Full HD 22" Gaming monitor. I am considering –
Viewsonic VX2253MH-LED
HP x2301 micro thin LED

I do need an HDMI and the older VGA D-Sub, though it would be nice to have DVI in the mix if possible. (which makes me lead towards the HP unit)

Also 410mm is the highest I can go so this is why I am looking at 21.5 to 23” units.. also they are the right size for the distance in front of me.
Mainly do RPG games such as EQ2 and GW2 (and an occasional avi type movie)

Any comment on the above two monitors is appreciated and if another monitor that may be more suitable comes to mind, that would be nice too.
An example of this might be something like the Asus VK248H-CSM or VK222H but I notice these models are not widely available in NZ.